1. UNIQLO is one of my favourite brands! What I find in this emerging trend is that these new simplistic brands allow you to wear the clothes. Whenever I see someone in with a Ralph Lauren logo, it screams insecurity. Whoever it is is letting the brand wear them.

    Really interesting read!

  2. This is 100% true. Personally I am a very minimalist person and I love simplicity. I loved how you ended the post, the tweet is very relevant.

  3. I could feel that simplicity is the fundamental part of the logos. However, after I saw the logo of MUJI, I was so impressed and exactly understood what you mean. I will pay attention all the logos I see since now.

  4. The logo is the main thing the company should focus on because it describes their simplicity and how genuine it is. Well written.

  5. I have never been sold by the logos myself, so I am glad that I am not the only one. I agree that if a product is good I will sing their praises from the hills.

  6. What an interesting read and it’s given me some new shops to check out due to how they’re marketing towards millennials. Thank you Ilia!

  7. For me logo is quite important. I like when it is not flashy and loud. If it is elegant, classy, and sophisticated, I will go with that brand!

  8. Hi Ilia! This is a great post. I have noticed the minimalism that seems to be taking over fashion and accessories. There has definitely been a shift in the way people buy clothing.

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